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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

That quote is by Albert Camus.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. With the dying of the leaves, I find a new inspiration, a new source of energy. I'm not sure where it springs from, but it moves me to read, to write, to cook, and to remake my living space. It is an energy, not merely creative, but for life in general.

I want to clean out my rooms. I want to rearrange for more comfort. A cleaner, snugger space. It seems like it should be a spring event, but I prefer to do it when it's cool. When I can throw open the windows and let the spice of autumn into the rooms.

I am not excited for Christmas presents, or vast feasts, or parties. I am excited to feel the air, alive with cold. I am excited to bring warmth back into my fingers after long walks outside, and to drink hot cider or tea while staring out at trees, a litter barer each day. I am excited to harness this energy and use it to finish a novel, to write a short story, to create an article. I am excited to wrap up in my …

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